St Nicholas Sighthill, Parish Church


Huddle News

Presbytery of Edinburgh and West Lothian Deployment Group  - draft Guidelines on a Basis of Union - draft 8 May 2023 

With the draft Presbytery Mission Plan approved by Presbytery and the relevant national bodies, implementation can begin in earnest. For many congregations implementation will include a Basis of Union (BofU) with one or more other congregations. It is a complex and time consuming process.

Congregations are therefore asked to be in touch with the Deployment Group (DG) as early as possible and because it is a complex task, guidelines are now provided by the DG which can supplement those provided by the national church.

Hence a “Huddle” has been formed

At a Joint service in July the 'Huddle' was formed, naming six persons from each Church (St Nicholas, Sighthill and Slateford/Longstone). They will meet and discuss the Basis of  Union before reporting to the Kirk Sessions.

Update 9 October 
The Huddle have met on four occasions with fruitful discussions - next meeting is Sunday 15 October 


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